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ENENSYS History and Founders

ENENSYS was founded in 2004 by Regis LE ROUX, Nicolas FANNECHERE and Patrick AUFFRAY. Project was initiated by Regis LE ROUX in 2003 with the simple vision that the Digital TV world and the Telecom world convergence was about to speed up. Nicolas FANNECHERE and Patrick AUFFRAY immediatly joined the project, and the 3 founders started to work on Business Plan, specifications and first product development.

Creation was made easy by co-founder's previous experiences, which included Hardware and Software Development, international project management, marketing, business development and sales, all in the MPEG-2/DVB/ATSC field. The three of them hold a master's degree in electrical engineering from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) in Rennes, France.

The company was established on April 2004 as a self-financed company, remained private for a couple of years, and then went public in February 2006, and coming back to private by end 2009

ENENSYS Founders (Left to right): Patrick AUFFRAY, Nicolas FANNECHERE and Regis LE ROUX

Key Dates:

2012/11: ENENSYS wins the price CFO of the Year 2012 DFCG Bretagne Pays de Loire
2012/09: ENENSYS demonstrate during Engine project in Spain, the first T2Lite signal using it’s DVB-T2 T2Gateway.
2012/09: ENENSYS wins the start-up price edition 2 at the Rennes Atalante Olympiades
2011/09: ENENSYS wins the start-up price at the Rennes Atalante Olympiades
2011/09: Multichoice, the pan-African giant selects ENENSYS for the world’s biggest DVB-T2 roll out
2011/08: Velister, the Broadcaster in Cyprus, chooses ENENSYS Seamless SFN solution for their DVB-T network
2011/06: MediaCorp selects ENENSYS for DVB-T2 MPLP trial in Singapore
2011/04: ENENSYS ranks 3rd at the “Loading the Future” award for collaborative innovative projects
2012/03: ENENSYS releases the first IP seamless switch for broadcast delivery equipment and network
2011/02: ENENSYS releases ReFeree, the world's first portable DVB-T2 Analyzer / RF Measurement Receiver
2011/01: Launch of, the website dedicated to the ENENSYS TestSystems Product Line
2010/09: Launch of T2Edge, world’s first DVB-T2 Local Content inserter based on PLP SubstitutionTM
2010/08: ENENSYS launches two brands: ENENSYS Networks and ENENSYS TestSystems
2010/06: World's first DVB-T2 Multi-PLP live broadcast at DVB plug fest in Berlin
2009/12: World's first DVB-T2 commercial deployment in UK thanks to ENENSYS DVB-T2 modulator to cover 40% of UK population
2009/11: ENENSYS withdraws from NYSE Euronext stock market
2009/11: ENENSYS ranks 8th at Deloitte Technology Fast 50
2009/02: Release of world's first DVB-T2 modulator

2008/09: First complete ENENSYS Mobile TV Head-end on air at customer premises. The pioneer phase is over.
2008/08: Nicolas quits his operational job at ENENSYS, and starts working on Bio-Housing project2008/06: Patrick AUFFRAY quits his operational job at ENENSYS
2008/06: DVB-T Transmission in Swiss stadiums for Euro2008 enabled thanks to ENENSYS equipment 
2007/09: Complete DVB-H pilot in TF1 premises for Rugby World Cup
2007/07: Shipping of first IP Distribution products
2007/06: ENENSYS invents patented Seamless SFN technology
2007/04: ENENSYS releases its 1st patent
2007/04: ENENSYS is awarded the 2007 Frost & Sullivan Award for the Global DVB-H Enabling Technology of the Year.
2006/02: IPO. ENENSYS goes public on NYSE Euronext Stock Market
2005/01: Shipping of ENENSYS first Mobile TV product. Order intake picks up.
2004/09: First exhibition (IBC in Amsterdam)
2004/07: ENENSYS projet gets French Government award for innovative company creation (Concours de Création d'Entreprises de Technologies Innovantes - Ministere de la Recherche)
2004/04: ENENSYS Company is created with a capital of 55,000 euros, and first customer, based in spain.
2003/09: Founders joined ENST EMERGYS Start-up incubator
2003: ENENSYS project ignition

1996: Although trying hard, Regis (Lead Vocals and crappy guitars) and Nicolas (Drummer) failed in becoming pop-stars with their band, and have to consider getting a "real" job.

1991: Patrick breaks the 100km/h limit with the world's first SOLEX with embedded electronics during Rock'n'Solex race. Solex stops after 1 round.
1989: The 3 founders discover student life at National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Rennes