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Sustainable development

What is it about?

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive is a European law designed to encourage and regulate the collection, reuse, recycling and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment, for which it sets targets. The Directive aims to improve our environment, reduce risks to human health through the proper treatment of discarded goods.

If you want to know more on WEEE, click here to access the dedicated Web site.

How is ENENSYS is implicated?

The WEEE Directive has established recovery and recycling targets for a list of produced goods. These targets apply to IT and Telecommunications Equipment. ENENSYS Technologies is then implicated in the process.

Under the WEEE Directive manufacturers (or importers) are required to finance the treatment and recovery of discarded electrical and electronic goods, from a central collection point.

Each of ENENSYS' products carries the following label:

As a customer, what can be done?

There is no existing legal obligation on customers to recycle yet. BUT, the Directive is expected to come into effect in the coming years, so why not learn good habits now?

Want to help? Participate in separate collection of WEEE and facilitate reuse and recovery. Whenever you need to discard or replace a product you bought from ENENSYS, don't throw it away: simply return it. It is our responsibility to finance the treatment and recovery of our products.