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Cesson-Sevigne, October, 2013

TVB Europe awarded ENENSYS OneBeam solution :


The TVBEurope and IBC Daily teams have selected the best of these products, across the categories of Acquisition, Recording and Acquisition Workflow, Camera Support, Lighting, Audio, Production and Infrastructure, and finally Links, Transmission and Delivery. A total of 81 products made the list this year, a testament to the increasingly high quality of innovation at IBC.


OneBeam awarded best of IBC

Cesson-Sevigne, September 9, 2013

ENENSYS launches OneBeam solution bringing major DTH and DTT distribution cost efficiencies :

ENENSYS, designers and manufacturers of digital TV transmission technologies, has today announced a major breakthrough in signal distribution in the DTT and DTH markets with the launch of OneBeam. This solution overcomes a central signal distribution hurdle: the inability to use the same satellite network to deliver services for both DTH users (DVB-S2) and DTT (DVB-T or T2), delivering a huge range of OPEX benefits.

One Beam logo

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Tallinn, August 2013,

This year at Levira's 5th Digital Broadcasting Conference , ENENSYS did a conference on DVB-T2 roll-out with Regional Distribution Management. 

Levira fresh connections


Kuala Lumpur, March 2013,

This year at ABU Symposium, ENENSYS did a workshop on DVB-T2 implementation and satellite bandwidth optimization. ENENSYS was also speaker at the DVB workshop.

ABU workshop

Colin Prior, APAC sales manager and Bernard Pichot, Partnership manager,  did a workshop with a live demonstration on Optimizing Satellite Capacity for regional Services and Direct to Home Distribution.
Colin participes also to the DVB workshop where he spoke on T2-Lite. A T2-Lite demontration was also shown during this workshop.
Bernard was also speaker during ABU conference on DVB-T2 and T2-Lite deployments and standard update 

Barcelona, February 2013,

ENENSYS showcases, during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, its new eMBMS Gateway/BM-SC server, MobiStream, to enable Mobile operators to broadcast Mobile TV services over LTE networks in MBSFN area using eMBMS technology.

 MWC eMBMS Gateway

MobiStream includes both eMBMS gateway and BM-SC functions within the same unit. Based on a hardware platform to provide the most reliable solution, MobiStream encapsulates audiovisual content (DASH over FLUTE, RTP) over GTP-U for distribution across the core network towards the eNodeB. It also insert synchronization information for MBSFN operation to ensure that eNodeB transmit the same content at the same time.


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Rennes, January 2013,

ENENSYS Provides T2 Gateway and Modulator for KBS Ultra-High Definition Project


ENENSYS has announced that it has supplied its T2 Gateway and NetMod modulator to KBS for use in their Ultra High Definition project. KBS is broadcasting one DVB-T2 6Mhz channel from their Kwanak transmitter site in Seoul, carrying a 4K UHDTV service at 36.5Mbps. The HEVC encoder output is fed to the T2 Gateway and then to the NetMod, for reception by DVB-T2 receivers and display on 4K UHDTV panels.

The equipment was supplied via SMCNS, ENENSYS’ local partner in Korea after an extensive evaluation period. The project has proven the possibility of terrestrial transmission of 4K UHDTV content and represents a world-first. The KBS Technical Research Institute will continue the DVB-T2 transmissions during 2013 as part of its on-going programme of research on 4K and 8K coding and transmission.

Colin Prior, Regional Sales Manager for Enensys said, ‘we are delighted that KBS has selected Enensys technology to be part of this innovative project that demonstrates the flexibility of DVB-T2’.



Rennes, September 2012,

Audio Visual Global (AVG) selects ENENSYS for Asia’s first DVB-T2 commercial launch

The newest Pay-TV operator AVG of Vietnam, has selected the ENENSYS DVB-T2 solution for the deployment of the first DVB-T2 commercial launch in Asia.

AVG logo

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing digital TV markets in Asia-Pacific with a population of 88 million. AVG operates three DVB-T2 multiplexes providing over 70 services (SDTV and HDTV) including sport, setting the standard for pay-tv services in Vietnam.


“We are very proud to have been selected by AVG for this DVB-T2 project”, said Regis LE ROUX, CEO at ENENSYS. With the first commercial DVB-T2 roll-out in Asia, ENENSYS has strengthened its leading position in the DVB-T2 market with its innovative technology. “In partnership our Vietnam reseller, Vietcoms, we have successfully completed the first phase of AVG’s roll-out” adds Colin PRIOR, Asia Pacific Sales Manager at ENENSYS.


"ENENSYS is a great technology partner" said Dr Ngo Thai Tri– Deputy Director General (Technical) of AVG. “As far as DVB-T2 technology is concerned, Enensys has provided a comprehensive solution to our roll out in Vietnam. As a new pay television provider we are committed to ensuring that our DVB-T2 service delivers our subscribers with the best possible quality of service”.


“Working with AVG and ENENSYS in the first DVB-T2 commercial roll out in Asia gives us a tremendous opportunity to enrich our T2MI SFN expertise and positions VIETCOMS as a leading integrator in local broadcast industry”, Khang Do, President of VIETCOMS said.


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Trieste , April 20th 2012,

ENENSYS has been selected for a DVB-T2 conference at the First Digi.TV Transnational Conference

SEE digi.TV

Eric Deniau, VP Operation, spoke about the experience learnt from the world's largest DVB-T2 roll-out with cross-border content regionalization for Multichoice and GOtv.

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Kampala , April 16-20th 2012,

ENENSYS has been selected for a DVB-T2 conference at the Workshop and Frequency Coordination meeting on the Transition to Digital Terrestrial Television and the Digital Dividend.

This workshop and frequency coordination meeting, will be hosted by the Administration of Uganda, aim to promote the cooperation and exchange of experience within the Eastern and Southern African countries on spectrum issues relating to the transition to digital terrestrial television and the digital dividend.



Moscow, March 28th 2012,

ENENSYS has been selected for a DVB-T2 conference at the Digital & OTT TV 2012

Digital & OTT conference

Richard Lhermitte, VP Sales & Marketing, spoke about the experience learnt from the world's largest DVB-T2 roll-out with cross-border content regionalization for Multichoice and GOtv.

Manila, March 16th 2012,

Embassy of France has invited experts to provide updates on the European standard, DVB-T2, for the government agencies mandated to draw up a migration plan for the Philippines.


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Rennes, March 2012,

ENENSYS releases IPGuard: enabling IP broadcasting in confidence

At this year’s NAB, ENENSYS unveils the world’s first and unique seamless IP switch, IPGuard™, which provides safe delivery of any IP streams carrying digital TV, digital radio or data services to meet customers’ expectations with a reliable IP broadcasting.

With the emergence of IP networks, more and more the broadcast world is migrating from the famous ASI interface to the wide spread IP interface to offer more services and flexibilities. Although most of the broadcast equipment supports the delivery of services over IP networks, no solution allowed yet a secure delivery of those IP-based services. ENENSYS’ IPGuard™ is the perfect solution that guarantees a safe broadcasting of critical digital applications by allowing an automatic and seamless redundancy of IP services.

The IPGuard™ offers a bypass mechanism in order to offer 100% of service availability in case of power outage or unit failure. It is designed to provide an automatic 1+1 redundancy of network equipment that delivers services over IP such as encoders, multiplexers, DVB-T2 gateways, ASI to IP adapters,… Additionally, the IPGuard™ can also be operated to re-synchronize and re-align the same MPEG-2 TS or T2-MI stream that is carried over redundant IP-based networks. The latter introducing different network propagation delay, the IPGuard™ is able to re-align both IP streams to provide a seamless change-over between redundant IP streams.

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Kuala Lumpur, March 6-9 2012,


Thanks to its leadership on DVB-T2, ENENSYS has been selected for a DVB-T2 conference at the ABU Symposium.

ABU 2012

Laurent Roul, Marketing Product Manager, spoke about the experience learnt from the world's largest DVB-T2 roll-out with cross-border content regionalization for Multichoice and GOtv.


March 5-7, 2012

ENENSYS Technologies participates to DVB-T2 Lite Plug Fest 

The  DVB-T2 Validation and Verification (V&V) task force, coordinated by the Technical Module TM-T2 working group, has organized a new Plugfest. This plug fest was dedicated to the validation and the verification of the T2-Lite profile of the DVB-T2 standard.

The plugfest was the opportunity to perform interoperability testing of T2Gateway and modulator implementations using advanced DVB-T2-Lite profile.

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Theran, January 17-18 2012,

Thanks to its leadership on SFN and  DVB-T2, ENENSYS has been selected for a  conference at the BOC 2012.

BOC 2012

Eric Deniau, VP Operation & Innovation, spoke about the new SFN & DVB-T2 challenges including the new business model provided by the MultiPLP, like regional content insertion in DVB-T2.

Rennes, September 9th 2011,

MULTICHOICE selects ENENSYS for largest DVB-T2 roll-out

multichoice logo

MULTICHOICE, the leading multichannel digital television operator across the African continent, has selected ENENSYS equipment for DVB-T2 network over Pan-African countries.

After the decision of SADC (Southern African Development Community) to select DVB-T2 as the terrestrial transmission standard for the region, MULTICHOICE is rolling-out a full Pan-African DVB-T2 network with a total bouquet of more than 50 different channels in various languages over 15 countries.

In addition to become DVB-T2 network, the MULTICHOICE project is also the most innovative featuring Multiple Physical Layer Pipes, SFN and regional content delivery.

The use of Multi-PLP architecture and PLP Substitution brings unmatched flexibility to the Network Operator and allowing a drastic reduction of the operational costs. In this project, ENENSYS provides the DVB-T2 key elements, including DVB-T2 Gateway, Local DVB-T2 Adapter - T2Edge - and DVB-T2 M-PLP modulators.

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Rennes, August 2011,


Velister Ltd, the commercial Digital Terrestrial BNO in the Republic of Cyprus, relies on ENENSYS for SFN synchronization of their DVB-T network


ENENSYS’ end-to-end SFN solution is built around a high grade MIP inserter, which offers seamless switch-over thanks to the SFNguard technology. On each transmission site, the SynFoNizer, ENENSYS’ redundant SFN distribution paths solution, guarantees seamless SFN switch between Velister microwave and Fiber Optic distribution networks.

“We are very proud to contribute to Velister DTT deployment in Cyprus with our DVB-T SFN solution” said Richard Lhermitte, VP Sales and Marketing at ENENSYS. He added “Building on the numerous references of ENENSYS in SFN delivery systems, and thanks to our local partner J&D dynamic Enterprises Ltd, we have been pleased to bring Velister our know-how to build this ambitious Digital Television deployment that accomplished the Cyprus Analog Switch Off.”

“In our project, timing was of vast importance and Enensys provided us with all experience required to build and operate our network and be able to offer great quality of service to our customers from day 1. We would like to thank Enensys for their continued support” said Nestoras Nestorides, General Manager at Velister.


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Rennes, July 2011,

ENENSYS releases T2Edge: enabling DVB-T2 regional services over SFN networks

ENENSYS keeps on innovating into the DVB-T2 technology by offering a solution that supports the delivery of regional services over DVB-T2/SFN networks

dvbt2 regionalisation

Running at the transmission site prior the DVB-T2 transmitter, the T2Edge is the ENENSYS DVB-T2 local inserter product that aims at updating a national DVB-T2 multiplex with regional TV services using the standard DVB-T2 feature, Multiple Physical Layer Pipe (MPLP):

The ENENSYS solution reduces operator’s OPEX on the distribution link by sending only once the national content of the regional DVB-T2 multiplex.


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Rennes, June 20th 2011,

MediaCorp selects ENENSYS for DVB-T2 trial network


mediacorp logo

MediaCorp, Singapore’ largest media broadcaster and provider with 8 television channels and 13 radio channels, has selected ENENSYS equipment for its DVB-T2 trial network to prepare for DVB-T2 deployment.


MediaCorp will set up a trial network to showcase DVB-T2 MultiPLP capability in delivering SD, HD and 3DTV programs within a single frequency during Broadcast Asia 2011 held in Suntec Singapore from 21 to 24 June 2011. The trial network will subsequently be expanded for a DTV-T2 Trial commissioned by Media Development Authority of Singapore.


In this project, ENENSYS provides the DVB-T2 key elements:


  • The DVB-T2 Gateway, installed at the Head End site, used to adapt of the content to the DVB-T2 standard, to create the MultiPLP, to generate the T2-MI packets and to deliver the content to the transmitter sites in a synchronized SFN environment.
  • The DVB-T2 modulator, associated to the transmitter, receives the generated streams and configuration from the DVB-T2 Gateway and modulate it to a DVB-T2 signal, managing the different PLP.


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Kuala Lumpur, March 1-3 2011,

Thanks to its leadership on DVB-T2, ENENSYS has been selected for a DVB-T2 conference at the ABU Symposium.

ABU symposium

Laurent Roul, Marketing Product Manager, spoke about the new DVB-T2 challenges including the new business model provided by the MultiPLP, like regional content insertion in DVB-T2.

Rennes, February 14

ENENSYS releases the world's first portable DVB-T2 Analyzer / RF Measurement Receiver

ENENSYS DVB-T2 solutions have already been adopted by numerous players. Now the company’s strengthen its portfolio by introducing the most innovative DVB T2 analyzer on the market.

ReFeree T2 is a DVB-T2 measurement receiver combining Single-PLP and Multi-PLP DVB-T2 live reception with real-time DVB-T2 analysis and recording.

ENENSYS’ ReFeree T2 allows monitoring of DVB-T2 parameters (RF, T2 frame structure, PLP parameters), whatever the DVB-T2 transmission mode (Single PLP, Multi PLP, SFN/MISO ...).

ReFeree T2 comes bundled with ENENSYS DiviSuite application software, capable of monitoring simultaneously and in real-time DVB-T2 RF signal and baseband content.

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Moscow, February 1-3 2011,

Thanks to its leadership on DVB-T2,  ENENSYS has been selected for a DVB-T2 conference at the CSTB.


DVB-T2 regionalization conference

Richard Lhermitte, VP Sales & Marketing, will spoke about the new DVB-T2 challenges including the new business model provided by the Multiple PLP, like regional content insertion in DVB-T2



Johannesburg, February 1-3 2011,

Thanks to its leadership on DVB-T2,  ENENSYS has been selected for a DVB-T2 conference at the 6th annual Digital Broadcasting Switchover Forum in South Africa.

DBSF conference

Eric Deniau, VP Operation & Innovations made a conference about the way to maximize DTTV deployment using DVB-T2.


January 2011

DVB-T2 conferences agenda

Thanks to its leadership on DVB-T2,  ENENSYS has been selected for a several DVB-T2 conferences during 2011. You can attend ENENSYS conference during CSTB, DBSF and BCA.

Events details

November  2010

Gigacaster V3 is now available

The video over ip gateway Gigacaster is now available in a full 1RU chassis and offer dual power supply and 48V support. The performance are also improved to support up to 600 Mb/s over IP network.

Read the full article



August 26 2010

SUPELEC-IETR and ENENSYS Technologies co-signed article on

"Performance and Implementation Evaluation of TR PAPR Reduction Methods for DVB-T2".

Read the full article

August 18 2010

ENENSYS Technologies participates to DVB-T2 seminar in Thailand

Thanks to its expertise on DVB-T2, ENENSYS introduce DVB-T2 architecture and Single Frequency Networks, 

during DVB/NTC Digital Broadcasting Seminar in Thailand

DVB-T2 seminar in Thailand with ENENSYS

Read more about Digital Broadcasting Seminar


June 22, 2010

ENENSYS Technologies participates to DVB-T2 Multi PLP Plug Fest 


The  DVB-T2 Validation and Verification (V&V) task force, coordinated by the Technical Module TM-T2 working group, has organized a new Plugfest at the Media Broadcast Research Centre in Berlin this week from the 22nd to the 24th of July this year. This plug fest was dedicated to the validation and the verification of the Multiple PLP feature of the DVB-T2 standard.

As one of the key players on this standard, ENENSYS has successfully tested its whole DVB-T2 solution (Multiple PLP capable) composed of T2 GatewayDVB-T2 Modulator and T2-MI steam analyser.



Aside to this major event, ENENSYS helped actively Media Broadcast to the live DVB-T2 transmission held during the Plug Fest by deploying its T2 Gateway and DVB-T2 Modulator(commercially known as NetMod-DVB-T2). This demonstration is the first worldwide live transmission with Multi-PLP feature, broadcasting one HD stream in one PLP and three SD streams in another dedicated PLP.

This successful trial represents a new significant milestone for ENENSYS in progress since its first worldwide MISO transmission early February this year.



Berlin multi PLP broadcast

Read more about Multi PLP live broadcast

March 08, 2010

ENENSYS released DVB T2 Gateway with multiple PLP support

ENENSYS Technologies keeps on innovating in digital terrestrial television and investing on the new DVB-T2 technology to provide the most cutting-edge broadcast solution of the market. Throughout its DVB-T2 Gateway and the multiple PLP properties, ENENSYS allows broadcast operators to offer a wide range of business models combining HD and SD services, video and radio, fixed and Mobile services


Read more about T2 Gateway

DVB T2 SFN MISO multi PLP gateway

February 26, 2010

ENENSYS released the world's first DVB T2-MI analyzer

ENENSYS DiviDual® has already been adopted by numerous players such as R&D labs, broadcasters, mobile operators, system integrators and STB manufacturers. Now the product evolves and integrates innovative DVB T2-MI analysis features


Read more about T2MI Analyzer

DiviDual T2MI : T2-MI Player and Recorder and analyzer

February 16, 2010

ENENSYS released the world's first DVB-T2 MISO SFN solution

ENENSYS proves again its involvement in DVB-T2 standard by delivering the first worldwide solution (including T2 Gateway and Modulator) demonstrating both SFN and MISO


Read more about SFN MISO

dvb-t2 logo

December 08, 2009

DNA Launches DVB-T2 live broadcast with ENENSYS Technologies 

DNA Finland's second largest pay television operator successfully launches DVB-T2 HDTV test broadcasts in Lahti. The project has reached the test transmission phase thanks to ENENSYS DVB-T2 modulator and T2 Gateway.


Read more about DNA pilot

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December 02, 2009

Arqiva Launches Freeview HD live broadcast

After the success of the Ofcom pilot, Arqiva renew its confidence in ENENSYS DVB-T2 technology and select ENENSYS DVB-T2 modulator for the roll-out of the first sites of Freeview HD services.


Arqiva                freeviewHD


Read the Press Release

See DVB-T2 HD service in action

November 27, 2009

ENENSYS Technologies DVB-T2 at Palmyre



ENENSYS Technologies done a DVB-T2 end to end demonstration with its DVB-T2 modulator and DVB-T2 professional receiver during the Palmyre consorsium advanced telecommunication technical seminar hosted by Supelec Rennes.

Read more about Palmyre


November 24, 2009

ENENSYS Technologies awarded by Deloitte Fast500



Deloitte Technology FAST500 EMEA 2009 award ENENSYS Technologies.  The winners of Fast500 are ranked according to their revenue acquisitions and focusing on existing products and performance over the past five years

Read more about Deloitte Fast500


November 18-20, 2009

ENENSYS Technologies at Inter BEE




ENENSYS takes part in the largest Broadcast Equipment Exhibition in Japan, Inter BEE 2009 from 18th to 20th November at the Makuhari Messe near Tokyo.

ENENSYS was present on the booth of its two Japanese partners and will demonstrated:


Rikei press release (in japanese):






November 03, 2009

ENENSYS Technologies DVB-T2 conference at Radio TV Forum



Thanks to its expertise on DVB-T2, ENENSYS done a conference on DVB-T2 standard overview, deployment and impacts during the Radio TV Forum that takes place in Milan

Read more about Radio TV Forum


October 14, 2009


ENENSYS Technologies participates to DVB-T2 Plug Fest




During the second DVB-T2 Plug Fest ENENSYS sucessfully demonstrated interoperabilty of ENENSYS DVB-T2 modulator and T2 Gateway in SFN thanks to their T2-MI interfaces.


September 28-30, 2009

ENENSYS DVB-T2 demo at NEM Summit


ENENSYS demonstrate a complete end to end DVB-T2 solution during the NEM Summit. This solution includes ENENSYS DVB-T2 modulatorT2 Gatewayand professional DVB-T2 receiver.

Read more about NEM Summit


September 14, 2009


ENENSYS Technologies awarded by EMERGYS



EMERGYS Britany incubator awarded ENENSYS as "Best international development"

Read more about EMERGYS award

Video about EMERGYS award


September 08, 2009


ENENSYS and Arqiva collaborate to broadcast live DVB-T2 signal across IBC



At the IBC, the DVB-T2 signal is broadcast thanks to ENENSYS DVB-T2 modulator by Arqiva from the Amsterdam Tower and covers the whole exhibition center, enabling 4 HD services to be received from one DVB-T2 multiplex.

Read more about live DVB-T2 signal across IBC

DVB booth

DVB-T2 reception demo on DVB stand


September 08, 2009


ENENSYS demonstrates its comprehensive offer for Digital Terrestrial TV and Mobile TV system, focusing on DVB-T2 and broadcast - unicast convergence for MobileTV.

Read more about ENENSYS at IBC 2009


August 27-28, 2009

ENENSYS at Levira conference


Conference by Richard Lhermitte on DVB-T2 standard overview, deployment and impacts during Levira's 3rd Digital Broadcasting Conference that take place in Talinn Estonia.

Read more about Levira conference


levira conf


July 24, 2009

ENENSYS supports TDF Mobile TV in France


TDF launched Mobile TV user experience tests in July in Paris. ENENSYS' equipments, especially MobiMux the unique FPGA processing DVB-H IP encapsulator, are being used for the Mobile TV broadcast head-end.



Read more about TDF tests with ENENSYS' equipments

June  2009

ENENSYS takes part in the Spanish Furia PSE project

Furialogo  ENENSYS Technologies participates in the DVB-T2 Spanish Furia PSE project and demonstrates its expertise on this new standard by providing the DVB-T2 modulator for the live transmission.The main purpose of this project is to validate the emergent technologies for the diffusion of audio-visual contents to fixed and mobile terminals. 
ENENSYS' involvement in FuriaPSE project naturally follows its contribution to the Ofcom pilot project that now allows to receive DVB-T2 signal in UK.

Read more about Furia PSA project


April 20, 2009

During NAB 2009, ENENSYS showcase advance solution for Mobile DTV, Digital Terrestrial TV, and its latest innovative digital TV Test & Measurement products.


ENENSYS will be present at NAB Show at Booth SU10805 and will unveil its latest digital TV offering: Complete and multi-standard Broadcast Mobile TV solution, End-to-end Single Frequency Network solution, Latest IP gateway, and its innovative Digital TV test and monitoring products. Also, a special focus is done on ENENSYS DVB-T2 LabMod.
ENENSYS product manager Laurent ROUL will also take part in the Broadcast Engineering Conference on Wednesday 22nd April for a presentation about DVB-T2.



Read more about ENENSYS at NAB 2009


April 7, 2009

Terrestrial high-definition TV pilot launched in UK with ENENSYS and Arqiva collaboration.


Arqiva and ENENSYS are playing a leading role in the terrestrial high-definition TV (HDTV) pilot launched recently from the Crystal Palace transmitter in south London, utilising the new DVB-T2 standard.

Initiated by Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, and managed by the Pilot Steering Group, the pilot aims to validate the performance expectations of the DVB-T2 specification, by undertaking an extensive programme of laboratory tests, field trials and in-home measurements. The measurement programme will provide information to enable the selection of the best transmission mode to be adopted for the HD multiplex planned to be rolled out as part of the UK’s Digital Terrestrial TV network.


Read more about Ofcom pilot

December 20, 2008

ENENSYS and GoldSpot Media partner to accelerate mass market Mobile TV

ENENSYS Technologies and GoldSpot Media have successfully integrated their solution to enable Mobile TV service providers to deploy targeted and interactive advertising in DVB-H. ENENSYS’ DVB-H head-end technology and GoldSpot’s Cue Zones® ad solution help Mobile TV service providers develop predictable and profitable advertising business cases to supplement subscription revenues.

Read more about ENENSYS and GoldSpot Media solution

December 11, 2008

GigaCaster ASI over IP gateway is now available for sale

ENENSYS Technologies is proud to announce that its new generation ASI over IP gateway GigaCaster is now available for sale...

Read more about GigaCaster

October 15, 2008

A step forward at IBC 2008

A great feedback from IBC thanks to the introduction of smart new solutions and technologies, strategic partnerships and Alsumaria's / Mobision major deal announcement.

Read  more about ENENSYS technologies returning from IBC 08

September 14, 2008

Alsumaria TV, the independent broadcaster Iraqi Satellite TV Network selects ENENSYS to conduct the first DVB-H MobileTV commercial launch in the Middle East.

Alsumaria TV’s MOBISION has selected ENENSYS Technologies' solution to promote and conduct the first MobileTV service on a large-scale commercial basis in Iraq.
ENENSYS Technologies, provider of broadcast equipments and solutions, delivers its DVB-H Head End equipments to Mobision, featuring advance video transcoding and statistical multiplexing using Transcaster and MobiMux.

Read  more  about ALSUMARIA MobileTV launch relying on ENENSYS technologies

September 12, 2008

ENENSYS Technologies, Viaccess, LG Electronics, Expway and Sagem Orca launch a new offer to secure the broadcast TV mobile market.

Amsterdam – ENENSYS, Broadcast equipment provider, announces today a partnership with Viaccess, LG Electronics, Expway and Sagem Orca. This partnership will secure access to mobile broadcast TV, based on the OMA BCAST SmartCard Profile Standard. This initiative  aims at providing customers and operators with a production-ready end to end environment, including handset from LG Electronics. The full scope system, available for trials and production deployment, includes optimized capacities inherited from each of the partners‘ exclusive features.

Read  more  about ENENSYS and Viaccess OMA-BCAST SCP support at IBC 2008


September 8, 2008

IBC 2008: ENENSYS demonstrates its comprehensive offer for MobileTV and Digital Terrestrial TV broadcast system focusing on SFNmanagement, IP distribution and Test & Monitoring.

ENENSYS Technologies announced a series of industry-leading products, technologies and solutions to help operators and broadcast companies master their digital content transmission. ENENSYS will demo on its Booth 12P.A21 its SFN solution for efficient and reliable broadcast, its comprehensive DVB-H end-to-end solution to support regional content distribution, the first time an end-to-end DVB-T2chain with NXP and Pace, as well as the new release of DiviCatchproducts, adding support for OMA Bcast ESG decoding and analysis,making it now compatible with all ESG standards.

Read  more  about IBC 2008 with ENENSYS technologies


September 5th, 2008

IBC World Congress: ENENSYS, NXPSemiconductors and Pace plc are proud to present tomorrow's enhanced terrestrial TV by showcasing the first end-to-end DVB-T2 demonstration of this brand new standard.

ENENSYS is proud to showcase its FPGA-based modulator natively designed to handle any kind of standard (already available in DVB-T, DVB-H and DTMB). This powerful platform has been reused to embed the DVB-T2 modulation core. The prototype show-cased on DVB booth at IBC is the first working step in the DVB-T2 modulator development, presenting a live on-air end-to-end solution

Read more about DVB-T2 with ENENSYS, NXP and PACE


September 5th, 2008

At this year's IBC, ENENSYS Technologies will unveil a world-class solution for optimizing the delivery of DVB-H regional content withnationwide services, enabling operators to tremendously reduce their annual OPEX.

ENENSYS' portfolio ranges from transcoding solutions and DVB-H IP encapsulation through transmission and IP distribution, to DVB-H RF signal reception and real-time analysis. ENENSYS extends its comprehensive DVB-H end-to-end solution to support regional content distribution by introducing MobiEdge, the new cost-effective and highly reliable product based on the world's first FPGA processing DVB-H IP encapsulator, MobiMUX.

Read more about Complete end-to-end solution for optimizing DVB-H network bandwidth...



September 5th, 2008

ENENSYS Technologies brings to the broadcast industry a unique and complete range of SFN products that minimizes any single point of failure and guarantees content distribution over SFN network .

ENENSYS offers a set of redundancy mechanisms acting all along thebroadcast network and turned every system interconnection in the SFNarchitecture into a point of strength of your SFN network’s reliability.
ENENSYS' end-to-end SFN solution ranges from high grade MIP inserterthat offers seamless switch-over with the SFNguard technology, to SFNstreams distribution over IP through the cost-effective FastCaster andGigaCaster product family, up to the comprehensive SFN Modulators/Exciters, NetMod and LabMod.SynFoNizer, ENENSYS' new redundant SFN distribution paths solution,guarantees seamless switch between broadcast and IP networkdistribution for instance

Read more about A unique end-to-end solution for efficient SFN broadcasting..

September 30th 2007

LIBYANA MOBILE PHONE, largest telecom operator in Libya, launches a DVB-H trial relying on ENENSYS Technologies end to end DVB-H network solution.

Read More about LIBYANA MOBILE PHONE launches a DVB-H trial relying on ENENSYS Technologies...


September 7th 2007

Rugby World Cup 2007: live on  DVB-H receivers!

ENENSYS and TF1 are proud to enable tomorrow's mobile TV during fall major sport event, and to show live leading edge technology.

Read More about Rugby World Cup 2007...

September 1th 2007

Constantly innovating in the field of digital TV, with a strong focus and experience on mobile TV, ENENSYS is proud to announce the forthcoming release of its new 100% hardware based DVB-H IP Encapsulator MobiMux.

Read More about Mobimux Release...


April 9th 2007

ENENSYS awarded by Frost & Sullivan for the Global DVB-H Enabling Technology of Year 2007!

Read More about Frost & Sullivan Award...


March 29th 2007

ENENSYS announces the release of its new MPEG2 Transport Stream over IP network adapter, namely FastCaster!

Read More about new MPEG2 Transport Stream over IP network adapter...

March 29th 2007

ENENSYS DiviCatch analyzer extends capabilities to ETR290

Read More about DiviCatch analyzer extends capabilities to ETR290...

Rennes, France, November 24th 2006

ENENSYS announces the commercial release of the DiviCatch RF-C, a live Cable and MPEG-2 TS pocket receiver, recorder and analyzer

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September 22, 2006

ENENSYS Technologies, in the heart of the MEDIA & NETWORKS Worldwide Competitiveness Cluster


September 8-12, 2006

VisualOn Inc. and ENENSYS Technologies partner to bring the HDTV like quality to DVB-H

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September 8-12, 2006

ENENSYS, Envivio and EXPWAY co-exhibiting on IBC Mobile Zone – POD M323 / M324

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September 8-12, 2006

ENENSYS Technologies broadcasts live at IBC 2006 with DVB-H mini-Transmitters

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September 8-12 2006

Extended footprint at IBC for ENENSYS, exhibiting new products in Hall 3 and on the Mobile Zone... extended Product Line as well!

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