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Targeted regional Ad insertion

AdsEdge is standard-based solution designed to insert pre-stored targeted content into a live stream over any networks

dvb-t2 splicer architecture

Based on industry-standard interfaces, the AdsEdge combines both functions of Ad Server and Splicer. It behaves as an Ad Server to store content files (Ads, News,...), the schedule files that list all the insertion to perform during the day and to generate the report for Ad agencies. It behaves as a deterministic Splicer to update the live stream with Ads content upon reception of SCTE 35 triggers.


The AdsEdge relies on SCTE 35 markers and enables locally targeted content to be inserted (up to 8 simultaneously) at the transmitter site – within a DTT Single Frequency Network (SFN) environment. The system’s deterministic approach allows it to handle the usual constraints of having the same content on the same frequency at the same time, vital with the predominance of SFN networks.

Key features


  • Insertion of pre-stored content into a live stream
  • Targeted insertion upon SCTE-35 reception
  • Insertion according to SCTE-118-3 schedule files
  • Report generation (SCTE-118-3 based)
  • Various storage space to be defined at ordering
  • TV content, schedule and reports files delivered through FTP or other transport protocols
  • DVB-T2 SFN support in SPLP or MPLP
  • Built-in DVB-S/S2 reception as an option
  • Bypass mode to guarantee service availability
  • Easy-to-use web based GUI
  • Full SNMPv2 support


  • Targeted Ad Insertion
  • Regionalization support
  • SFN broadcasting support
  • Local news, weather forecasts,... insertion



AdsEdge datasheet

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