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DTH to T2-MI adapter : T2Edge DTH

T2Edge DTH is ENENSYS local DVB-T2 adapter of the OneBeam DVB-T2 solution. Running on the transmission site prior to the DVB-T2 transmitter, the T2Edge DTH aims at receiving a DTH stream to build a new DVB-T2 multiplex. It selects the services from the DTH stream and generates a T2-MI stream. The T2EdgeDTH performs an advanced PSI/SI processing to update PSI/SI information related to the filtered services.

OneBeam for T2

Operating in conjunction with T2Gateway DTH units at head-end, the T2Edge DTH applies for building national or regional DVB-T2 multiplex, and also for providing redundancy of primary T2-MI stream. As an option, it offers the support of Emergency Warning System (EWS) to inform about immediate dangers such as earthquakes, flood, tsunami.

Key features

  • DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T2 standard based
  • Single and multiple PLP management
  • PSI/SI update on T2 multiplex
  • Deterministic T2-MI generation for SFN/MISO
  • No external reference required
  • Generation of T2-MI stream over ASI or IP
  • In-band configuration to ease maintenance
  • Optional EWS management
  • Easy-to-use web based GUI
  • Full SNMPv2 support
  • use existing DTH services to build T2 multiplex
  • Backup DTT transmission sites with DTH stream
  • Simultaneous FTA DTT and Pay TV DTH services
  • Covering DTT 'black spots' with DTH services
  • DVB-T2 regionalisation support
  • Emergency Warning System

T2Edge DTH datasheet

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