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DVB-T2 Local Inserter

HDc-T2EdGE is standard-based solution that enables the delivery of DVB-T2 regional or local services over SFN networks while saving operating OPEX by optimizing the distribution network bandwidth

T2 deterministic remultiplexing

Running at the transmission site, the HDc-T2Edge is ENENSYS patented technology that receives two T2-MI streams Multiple PLP compliant and updates or inserts content from the secondary T2-MI stream into the main T2-MI stream to generate a regional DVB-T2 multiplex. National content is transmitted only once towards all the regions to optimize the network distribution bandwidth.

The HDc-T2Edge performs the local insertion in a deterministic manner to enable SFN broadcasting without requiring an external clock reference. It uses PLP substitution or PLP aggregation technology to update PLPs of the main input stream from the secondary stream.

The HDc-T2Edge realizes DVB-SI processing to update DVB-SI data related to the regional services. 

The HDc-T2Edge includes an Emergency Warning System (EWS) solution to announce to wide audience any immediate dangers. 

Optionally, the HDc-T2Edge provides a bypass mechanism to always output a signal in any conditions.

Key features

  • Insertion of local content into a national T2 MUX
  • DVB-T2 SFN support
  • Based on PLP substitution or PLP aggregation
  • DVB-SI updating (NIT, SDT, EIT)
  • Insertion of live Emergency Warning messages
  • Bypass mode to guarantee service availability
  • DTH to T2-MI adapter ready (OneBeam)
  • Generation of T2-MI packets over ASI and IP
  • Easy-to-use web based GUI
  • Full SNMPv2 support
  • DVB-T2 regionalisation
  • DVB-T2 ultra-local insertion

T2Edge - DVB-T2 Local Inserter datasheet

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