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T2Gateway DTH

T2Gateway DTH is ENENSYS DVB-T2 Gateway for DTH in the OneBeam for DVB-T2 solution. Running at the head-end, the T2Gateway DTH is the central body of the DVB-T2 network, providing in-band control and signaling to remote T2EdgeDTH. It defines the whole T2 configuration as a regular DVB-T2 Gateway and generates the SFN timestamp information. It describes the DTH services to map to the different PLP and inserts the in-band control information as well the synchronization information within the DTH stream without any impact for DTH consumer.

OneBeam for T2

Operating in conjunction with T2Edge DTH units at the transmission sites, the T2Gateway DTH applies for building national or regional DVB-T2 multiplex, and also for providing redundancy of primary T2-MI stream. As an option, it offers the support of Emergency Warning System (EWS) to inform about immediate dangers such as earthquakes, flood, tsunami, ... It can generate in-band the EWS trigger to allow T2Edge DTH to update the T2 multiplex with the EWS stream for SFN operation.

Key features

  • DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T2 standard based
  • No modification of DTH bit rate or A/V content
  • Central control of DVB-T2 network
  • Single and multiple PLP management
  • SFN/MISO support
  • Validation of DVB-T2 transmission parameters
  • In-band configuration of T2Edge DTH
  • Optional EWS management
  • Easy-to-use web based GUI
  • Full SNMPv2 support
  • use existing DTH services to build T2 multiplex
  • Backup DTT transmission sites with DTH stream
  • Simultaneous FTA DTT and Pay TV DTH services
  • Covering DTT 'black spots' with DTH services
  • DVB-T2 regionalisation support

DVB-T2 Gateway for DTH datasheet

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