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T2-MI de-encapsulator

InverTS is ENENSYS’ DVB-T2 Gateway inverse function that de-encapsulates a T2-MI stream into one or several MPEG-2 Transport Streams over ASI and IP.


The InverTS is designed to receive a single PLP or Multiple PLP T2-MI stream over ASI or IP in order to de-encapsulate the T2-MI stream into one or several MPEG-2 TS over ASI and IP. It outputs the MPEG-2 TS encapsulated by a DVB-T2 Gateway.

The InverTS can also apply to a lot of use cases wherever applications require to retrieve the genuine and multiple MPEG-2 TS that are carried over the T2-MI stream. It can be operated for re-multiplexing a DVB-T2 stream with regular TS content or for simulcasting the same content over different networks.

The InverTS is the ideal product to help monitoring a T2-MI stream either using its optional internal advanced monitoring tools or by connecting it to existing monitoring tools through ASI or IP. The Advanced monitoring option enables to supervise in real-time PLP bandwidth allocation, DVB-T2 transmission parameters and the MPEG-2 TS encapsulated within the T2-MI stream.



Key features

  • De-encapsulation of T2-MI stream
  • Single and Multiple PLP management
  • PLP allocation and L1 signaling monitoring
  • Analyze all MPEG-2 TS within the T2-MI stream
  • ASI inputs/outputs by default
  • IP inputs/outputs as option
  • Outputs one or several MPEG-2 TS over ASI and IP
  • Easy-to-use web based GUI
  • Full SNMPv2 support

  • DVB-T2 Gateway-1
  • Re-multiplexing with other TS sources
  • Video and TS monitoring
  • TS processing (splicing, logo insertion, ...)
  • Re-using Analog transmitters
  • T2-MI analysis



InverTS datasheet

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