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Terrestrial demodulator

Professional DVB-T/T2/ISDB-T/Tb demodulator

DTTCaster datasheet

IPGuard V2 is the ENENSYS solution to secure the delivery of any IP
streams. It is designed to provide automatic 1+1 redundancy of:
- any equipment that delivers TSoIP or IP streams such as encoders,
multiplexers, DVB-T2 gateways, MIP inserters, data servers,...
- any IP network used to transport IP streams, handling different delays.
By default, the IPGuard V2 offers an IP bypass mechanism in order to
offer 100% of service availability in case of power outage: incoming IP
streams are still delivered at the output although the IPGuard V2 has no
power. In addition, it can perform FEC correction of incoming TSoIP
streams to cope with packet loss. On the output FEC configuration can be
kept, modified or even removed.
Thanks to its highly compact form factor, up to 6 IPGuard V2 modules can
be housed in the same 1RU HDc chassis. One IPGuard V2 module is able to
manage up to 6 TSoIP switches based on advanced criteria and up to 60 IP
switches based on basic IP conditions. Thanks to Daisy Chain mode,
several IPGuard V2 can be serialized, increasing the whole processing
capability to be convenient in applications dealing with high number of
Seamless IP
Encoders switch
SFN Cell
Seamless IP
IPGuard V2 offers seamless switching capability of two identical
MPEG-2 TS, bTS or T2-MI streams that are carried over redundant
IP-based networks with different delays: it aligns both streams to
perform a seamless switching. When combined with ENENSYS
DVB-T2 Gateway and the patented technology T2Guard, IPGuard V2
provides a seamless switch-over between two DVB-T2 gateways that
deliver T2-MI streams over IP networks.

The DTTCaster is a multi-standard DTT professional demodulator that supports DVB-T, DVB-T2 and ISDB-T/Tb standards.  It output a MPEG-2-TS over ASI and IP. At the same time, it can receive DVB-T, DVB-T2 and ISDB-T/Tb signals and output the MPEG-2 TS over the 4 available ASI ports and both IP data ports of the chassis.

Key features

  • Demodulate up to 4x DVB-T/T2 signals
  • Support T2-base and T2-lite signals
  • Demodulate up to 4x PLP in a DVB-T2 signal
  • Output incoming MPEG-2 TS over ASI and IP
  • Deterministic T2-MI generation based on T2-MIP
  • Demodulate up to 4x ISDB-T/Tb signals
  • Up to 4x ASI outputs and 2x IP data ports
  • TS processing (PID filtering,...)
  • Full SNMPv2 support
  • Easy-to-use web GUI

DVB-T2 SFN Rebroadcasting

The DTTCaster can generate a deterministic T2-MI Multiple PLP stream from a DVB-T2 off-air signal based on the reception of T2-MIP packets to rebroadcast a DVB-T2 signal in Single PLP or Multiple PLP.

T2 rebroadcasting
  • DVB-T signal rebroadcasting
  • DVB-T2 signal rebroadcasting
  • ISDB-T/Tb signal rebroadcasting
  • Cable networks rebroadcasting

DTTCaster datasheet


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