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IP Distribution

Reliable video and radio content distribution over IP networks

asi over ip solution

GigaCasterDMB GigaCaster II GigaCaster II GigaCaster II IPGuard Netmod DTTV

Video over IP Gateway

    Gigacaster II™ high density TS to IP Gateway 
  • Bidirectional ASI ports
  • Automatic 1+1 redundancy of units and IP streams
  • SFN preservation
  • Scalable from 1 up to 12 ASI ports
  • Network jittering removal

ETI over IP Gateway

GigaCasterDMB DAB, DAB+, DMB ETI over IP Gateway
  • EDI support
  • SFN preservation
  • Network jittering removal

Seamless IP Switch

IPGuard seamless IP switch
  • Seamless SFN switch-over between two streams over IP
  • IP switch with LAN bypass to avoid any single point of failure

DVB-T/T2 Modulators / Exciters

   NetMod™ broadcast modulators
  • Implements all modes of the DVB-T/T2 standard
  • SFN operation, including full T2-MI compliance
  • Valuable integration in Transmitters with
    • SNMP, HTTP control
    • ASI / IP intput