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ASIIPGuard - Seamless ASI switch

ASIIPGuard is ENENSYS Innovative and dense ASI switch that enables automatic 2:1 or 3:1 switch redundancy of ASI and IP feeds. It can provide seamless switching capabilities of identical MPEG-2 TS or T2-MI streams


ASIIPGuard aims at providing automatic redundancy switch between two or three MPEG-2 Transport Streams according to the validity of the incoming streams. Upon ETR290 errors, SFN errors, T2-MI errors or advanced MPEG-2 TS errors, ASIIPGuard switches automatically from the faulty input to the valid input.

Additionally, the ASIIPGuard can supports up to 6 switch functions in the same chassis providing 6 ASI switches in 1RU. As an option, it can switch over ASI and IP feeds and outputs the selected input over ASI and IP.

The ASIIPGuard strives to provide a true seamless switch-over under the following conditions:

• In DVB-T Single Frequency Networks, the ASIIPGuard enables a unique, automatic and secured SFN seamless change-over between two ENENSYS SFN Adapter, This is mandatory to guarantee SFN broadcasting, where all DVB-T SFN transmitters must receive the same content to transmit it over the same frequency at the very same time.

• In DVB-T2, the ASIIPGuard can seamlessly switch-over redundant T2-MI streams. It can provide an automatic 1+1 redundancy mechanism between two DVB-T2 Gateways. The ASIIPGuard offers a safe and seamless redundancy solution for SFN and MFN DVB-T2 broadcasting.

• MPEG-2 Transport Streams can be carried over redundant links. Both links may have different delays (satellite-IP, IP-IP). The ASIIPGuard enables to realign both streams to seamlessly and automatically switch from ASI or IP input to ASI or IP input. 

Key features

  • Automatic switch between 2 or 3 MPEG-2 TS
  • Seamless switching between 2 or 3 T2-MI streams
  • Up to 6 ASI switch in the same unit
  • Switch between 2 or 3 ASI feeds
  • Switch between ASI feeds and IP feeds
  • IP outputs with ProMPEG CoP#3
  • Several switching modes
  • Flexible switching conditions configuration
  • ETR290 based switching conditions
  • MIP, T2-MI and advanced TS switching conditions
  • Bypass mechanisms for ASI and IP inputs
  • Real-time monitoring of incoming streams
  • Easy to use web-based GUI
  • Full SNMP v2 support
  • 2:1 or 3:1 automatic switch redundancy
  • Automatic redundancy of ASI and IP feeds
  • Switching over IP feeds and delivering over ASI
  • Seamless switch-over of identical TS 
  • Seamless switch-over of T2-MI streams
  • Seamless switch-over of SFN/DVB-T streams
  • Seamless switch-over of ISDB-T/Tb streams

ASIIPGuard datasheet

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