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Local BTS generator

TbEdge is designed to generate a BTS stream At the transmission site for the delivery of ISDB-T/Tb multiplex over MFN or SFN Networks

ISDB-T architecture


Operating at the transmission site prior the ISDB-T/Tb transmitter, the TbEdge aims at generating a BTS stream from an MPEG-2 Transport Stream (SPTS/MPTS). It can receive the incoming TS over ASI, IP or directly from a DVB-S/S2 satellite input. It generates IIP packet with TMCC data and output a BTS stream for the ISDB-T/Tb transmistter.


By default, The TbEdge is designed to deliver a local BTS stream for Multiple Frequency Networks (MFN) operation. It can support Single Frequency Network (SFN) broadcasting with OneBeam option. The system’s deterministic approach allows it to handle the usual constraints of having the same content on the same frequency at the same time, vital with the predominance of SFN networks.


With OneBeam option, the TbEdge allows a standard (MPEG-2) transport stream to be used within the satellite delivery network, removing the need for proprietary equipment to access or monitor the content stream. But also, it optimizes the satellite bandwidth by delivering only useful information providing significant cost savings.

Locally, the TbEdge generates the BTS stream based on TbMarkers generated by the TbGateway prior the satellite distribution. OneBeam allows to combine DTH and DTT services as well as the broadcasting of regional content in SFN environment


Key features


  • DVB-S/S2 and ISDB-T/Tb standard based
  • BISS-1 descrambling support
  • Multi-layer support
  • IIP and TMCC information generation
  • Services and PID filtering
  • PSI/SI automatic update
  • Built-in DVB-S/S2 reception as an option
  • IP input and output support
  • Easy-to-use web based GUI
  • Full SNMPv2 support


  • ISDB-T/Tb broadcasting
  • SFN broadcasting support
  • Regionalization support
  • Use existing DTH services to build ISDB multiplex
  • Backup DTT transmission site with DTH stream

TbEdge datasheet

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