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DVB-T SFN Adapter

MIPDVB FOR HDC is ENENSYS’ SFN adapter module for DVB-T that inserts synchronization data to enable Single Frequency Network broadcasting.

Running at the head-end after DVB multiplexer, the MIPDVB for HDc runs in the HDc chassis to embed up to 6x MIPDVB modules in 1U so that the same chassis can output up to 6 TS with MIP packets over ASI or IP.

SFNguard 1+1 seamless redundancy


The MIPDVB receives at the input a MPEG-2 TS over ASI or IP, inserts MIP packet to synchronize all the DVB-T transmitters to broadcast the DVB-T multiplex over Single Frequency Networks and performs bit rate adaptation and PCR restamping to match with DVB-T transmission parameters. It outputs the new MPEG-2 TS with MIP packet over ASI or IP


The MIPDVB is running in a new generation platform to provide higher density, to operate with other ENENSYS module in the same chassis and to provide high reliability features with redundant power supplies. The product can migrate to a DVB-T2 Gateway (T2Gateway for HDc) without changing the hardware by only a firmware update.


ENENSYS' patented technology, SFNguard, is the unique 1+1 redundancy mechanism that guarantees seamless switch-over between two redundant MIPDVB modules to avoid any TV black-out. The SFNguard applies with two MIPDVB modules that operate in 1+1 redundancy either with ASIIPGuard, ENENSYS' seamless ASI switch, or with IPGuard E2ENENSYS' seamless IP switch.

Key features

  • MIP insertion according to ETSI EN 101 191
  • Unique seamless switch-over, SFNguard
  • Redundant inputs and mirrored outputs
  • ASI and IP inputs and outputs
  • PCR restamping and bitrate adaptation
  • Support all optional functions of MIP packets
  • Straight integration into any NMS: full SNMP v2  compliant
  • Easy-to-use web-based Graphical User Interface
  • Embedded in High Density chassis (HDc)
  • Upgradable to DVB-T2 Gateway
  • SFN network build up
  • SFN DVB-T Broadcast

NN6-MIP DVB - SFN Adapter for DVB-T and DVB-H networks

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