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DVB-T2 Gateway

T2Gateway for HDc is ENENSYS’ DVB-T2 Gateway that encapsulates a DVB/MPEG-2 Transport Stream into a DVB-T2 multiplex, inserts synchronization data to allow Single Frequency Network broadcasting, allocate data into the different Physical Layer Pipes and generates T2-MI packets over ASI and IP.

T2Gateway encapsulation

Running at the head-end, the T2Gateway for HDc encapsulates the MPEG-2 TS streaming from a typical DVB-T multiplexer into DVB-T2 BaseBand frames. It outputs the resulting DVB-T2 multiplex using the T2-MI (Modulator Interface) protocol through ASI and IP.

Also the T2Gateway for HDc enables SFN broadcasting over DVB-T2. It provides in-band and out-of-band synchronization information to all modulators to generate the same data at the very same time over the same frequency. It also supports MISO broadcasting to increase SFN performance.

The ENENSYS' DVB-T2 Gateway supports the delivery of services over Multiple Physical Layer Pipes to define service-specific robustness. Thanks to the T2Gateway for HDc, operators can now differentiate easily services on a PLP basis with an offering that varies according to the robustness level. They can also improve coverage and offer regionalisation or ultra-local services.

ENENSYS' patented technology, T2Guard, is the unique 1+1 redundancy mechanism that guarantees  a seamless switch-over in SFN and MFN modes to avoid any TV black-out during switch-over operation between two redundant T2 Gateways. The T2Guard applies with two T2Gateways that are redundant with ASIIPGuard, ENENSYS' seamless ASI switch.


Key features

  • Seamless 1+1 switch-over
  • Encapsulation of MPEG-2 TS into DVB-T2 baseband frame
  • ASI and IP inputs
  • Configuration of DVB-T2 modulators
  • DVB-T2 SFN/MISO Adaption
  • Individual addressing of T2 transmitters
  • Future Extension Frame (FEF) broadcasting
  • Single and Multiple PLP management
  • Multiple PLP type1/type2 (static and dynamic)
  • L1 scrambling
  • Generation of T2-MI packets
  • ASI and IP inputs & outputs
  • Validation of DVB-T2 transmission parameters
  • Easy-to-use web based GUI
  • Full SNMPv2 support
  • Embedded in High Density chassis (HDc)
  • compliant with DVB-T2 1.3.1 standard, DTG, NorDig, SANS 862:2012 (South Africa), DVB-T2 base profile and T2-Lite profile

  • DVB-T2 SFN/MISO build-up
  • DVB-T2 Network control 
  • DVB-T2 Multi-PLP management
  • Seamless 1+1 redundancy (patented technology)
  • DVB-T2 regionalisation

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