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End-to-end DVB-T2 bundles

Second Generation Digital TV solutions

Experienced field proven DVB-T2 solution

DVB-T2 ENENSYS' new set of bundles is dedicated to operators and labs who wish to discover the new DVB-T2 concept, to start SFN experimentation or to launch an advanced trial.

The bundles enable end-to-end live DVB-T2 broadcasting from a single transmission  up to a complete DVB-T2 system with third-party equipments.
dvb-t2 antenna


  • Live broadcasting for events and showroom
  • DVB-T2 technology learning
  • DVB-T2 SFN and MISO testing
  • Setup of DVB-T2 broadcast experimentation


One-stop-shop service

  • End-to-end DVB-T2 solution
  • Broadcast grade products based
    • Up and running solution on DVB-T2 roll-outs
  • Associated training 
    • technology discovery and transfer
  • Flexible bundles : 
    • any other setup available on request such as additional modulators or HD encoders

The following offer consists of five bundles with infinite flexibility, which include DVB-T2 reception as well as professional DVB-T2 testing and analyzing tools.


Live DVB-T2 transmission and reception
starter DVB-T2 bundle
  • Live DVB-T2 transmission
  • Stream player with video library
  • 1 DVB-T2 Set-top-box

Technology Discovery

Understand DVB-T2 new concept
technology discovery dvb-t2 bundle

Single PLP

  • Understanding new DVB-T2 technologies
  • Single PLP support
  • 1 DVB-T2 Stream player
  • T2-MI delivery and monitoring
  • 1 DVB-T2 Set-top-box
  • 1-day training

Multiple PLP

  • Understanding new DVB-T2 PLP concept
  • Multiple-PLP supprt
  • 2 DVB-T2 Stream players 
  • T2-MI delivery and monitoring
  • 1 DVB-T2 Set-top-box
  • 1-day training


2 transmission sites for SFN broadcasting
  • Full SFN Managment from the DVB-T2 gateway
  • Two SFN transmission sites with MISO support
  • 2 Low power Transmitters (up to 100 Watts)
  • 2-day training

Advanced Trial

4 MPEG-4 Video services within DVB-T2 SFN chain
dvb-T2 advanced trial
  • 4 free to air  MPEG-4 SD video services
  • SFN Management
  • IP Distribution from Head End to transmission sites
  • 2 Low power Transmitters (up to 100 Watts)
  • 2-day training

Included ENENSYS products

Included Optional Partners products

  • MPEG-2 SD Video encoder
  • MPEG-4 SD/HD Video encoder
  • 50W/100W Amplifier
  • DVB-T2 Set-Top-Box
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