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OneBeam - Use a single satellite feed for DTH consumer and DVB-T2 distribution

OneBeam is the ENENSYS solution to reduce satellite OPEX costs by delivering Direct to Home (DTH) TV and DVB-T2 distribution over single illumination.

DTH + T2

Key benefits

  • Bandwidth optimization to reduce annual OPEX
  • Very fast Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Full support of DTH and DVB-T2 standards
  • Reuse existing network equipment
  • DVB-T2 transmitter agnostic
  • Broadcast-grade products
  • Straight integration into any NMS

Key features

  • No duplication of content over satellite ie single illumination
  • DVB-T2 multiplex generation from DTH source
  • Selection of DTH services to build the DTT mux
  • Single PLP and multiple PLP support
  • Deterministic generation for SFN broadcasting
  • PSI/SI update to match with new DTT multiplex
  • Easy-to-use web based GUI
  • Emergency Warning System support

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NN6-T2Gateway DTH  DVB-T2 Gateway for DTH

T2Edge DTH DTH to T2-MI adapter

IPGuard seamless IP switch, ASIIPGuard seamless ASI switch