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Seamless redundancy over Digital TV networks

Uninterrupted service guaranteed

DTTV reliability

NN6-T2Gateway SFN adapter ASIGuard II IPGuard SFN over IP ASIGuard II SFN over IP IPGuard SynFoNizer ASIGuard II DVB-H Exciter

Key benefits

  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Seamless distribution network redundancy management
  • Field proven and interoperable solution
  • Flexible and scalable architectures
  • No more TV black screen

Key features

  • Broadcast-grade products
  • Compliant with full IP architecture
  • Eased installation and maintenance
  • Easy redundancy configuration
  • Seamless changeover between two
    delayed streams
  • Full SNMP support


NN6-MIP High-grade SFN Adapter

SFNguard SFN seamless solution for SFN Adapters

 NN6-T2Gateway DVB-T2 Gateway

T2guard™ T2-MI seamless solution for T2Gateway

IPGuard seamless IP switch

ASIIPGuard seamless ASI switch

GigaCasterII Multiple Distribution over IP

DistriGuard Automatic ASI to IP gateway redundancy

SynFoNizer SFN redundant network paths synchronizer

NetModII™ broadcast DVB-T/H/T2 modulator