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Collaborative projects

ENENSYS Technologies is based in the heart of the European Digital Broadcast Cluster and is involved in several local or European collaborative projects


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The ENGINES project will form a task force to develop the Next Generation Broadcasting standards and their implementation for Fixed Portable, Mobile and Handheld reception. The project will work both on technical proposals for Digital Video Broadcasting project as well as on efficient usage of the latest version of the standards. The project will also generate a PanLab framework for a common lab and field infrastructure mainly for DVB but also for other standards. The project continues the work in line with previous successful Celtic projects WingTV (validation of DVB-H) and B21C (major contributions to DVB-T2 and DVB-SH).
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The goal of this project is to develop an end to end DVB-T2 system, from the head end up to the end user receiver. This platform will deliver HD TV services with enhanced and advanced service guide.

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Ended Projects


Qos Mobile


Qos Mobile

TheQoSMobile project is intended to address the problems faced by network and service operators on the supervision and monitoring of mobile television networks. The Quality of Service actually delivered to the end-user will definitely be a key succcess factor for the adoption of this new service.

This collaborative project aims  at  setting  up  an  innovative integrated  system  for  end-to-end  supervision, with additional proactive  feedback  on  network elements in order to optimize broadcast quality. Focusing on DVB-H and DVB-SH standards, the resulting solution will demonstrate varied expertise from the partners.


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DTTv2 project is part of actual and future jobs of the DVB consortium (Digital Video Broadcasting) on the DVB-T2 standard as well as on the future mobile standard which will replace DVB-H: NGH (New Generation Handheld). This project of regional size but international range is aimed at working on the improvements of Digital Terrestrial TV broadcasting networks (DTTV), and broadcasting of Personal Mobile Television.

DTTv2 project was awarded during the "Loading the future 2011 trophy"






MING-T was a joint European and Chinese project funded by the European Commission within the framework of the FP6-IST programme. The project started on 01. Jan 2007 and ran until 31. March 2009. The project software, testbed, and prototypes were demonstrated in a public field-trial, on occasion of the projects Experts' Workshop, held on 24/03/2009 in Beijing.

The goal of MING–T was to research, develop, prototype, integrate and validate the interoperability and handover issues of the representative mobile digital broadcast standards developed in China and Europe. MING –T addressed the issues of convergence between broadcast standards and mobile communications network technologies. A further goal of the project was to foster cooperation between Europe and China in both industry and research communities. The project was particularly address the convergence of the European DVB-H standard with the emerging Chinese DTMB standard, with a view to providing a harmonized framework. In addition, the project consider the convergence between broadcast and mobile technology networks to provide a unified platform for the delivery of services to mobile terminals. Finally, the project covered how to deliver these services with a consistent level of quality to rich media applications across mixed broadcast networks, and in particular how scalable video coding may address this issue.


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