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  • Our first widget has been designed in order to help you calculate your SFN Adapter (MIP Inserter) output bitrate when dealing with SFN networks. With this widget, you can specify the modulation parameters (bandwidth, FFT mode, guard interval, constellation, whether hierarchy is used or not, etc.). Once this is done, the widget will calculate for you the bitrate and durations.


  • The second widget we developed provides information about MPEG2-TS over IP encapsulation (also called ASI over IP or DVB over IP). When transporting high quality video over IP, one must know that there is an overhead depending on the protocol used (UDP or RTP), the number of TS packets per IP packet, the extra forward error correction (FEC) data, etc. This widgets will not only let you know the output bitrate when encapsulating DVB over IP, including the overhead. It will also provide a graphical view of the IP packet (UDP or RTP) and the FEC matrix thus allowing you to better understand the encapsulation process.